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Mens Fitness Instagram and Story Post

Alex Hager

I will model or wear your fitness piece or accessory.


106K reach

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Acrobatic TikTok Video Post

Kailey Maurer

I will create an acrobatic video on TikTok with your product or service.


1.8M reach

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Dedicated Swimwear Feature

Joia John

Package includes 1 dedicated Instagram post and 2 dedicated Instagram stories

$400 $100 deposit

66.2K reach

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Comedy Instagram Video Skit

Adin Kolansky

I will create a comedy video on Instagram with your product or service.


1.1M reach

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"Songs Explained" Single Episode Title Sponsorship


Be an opening title sponsor of our "Songs Explained" series episode!


4.3K reach

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Aesthetic content to create higher engagement for your brand

Jemma Holzberger

I will create stories and posts that are suited to the aesthetic of your brand


2.1K reach

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Advertise your product to my Instagram followers


Will make a post promoting products in the description of the post.


1M reach

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Videos that capture the essence of your products

Taking A Rizk

Reviews of products hoping to encourage viewers to buy and support

$200 $100 deposit

25K reach

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Furniture Flipping Home & Design TikTok Package


I flip furniture on TikTok to showcase the quality of a product and drive sales


12.3K reach

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Mom content


Ready to promote any and all mama/child products!


4.4K reach

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Brand themed skit


I’ll make a funny skit revolving around the brand that sponsors me.


10K reach

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Huntsman Weather Brand

Huntsman Weather

You get a college kid going to school for meteorology


6K reach