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Newest Packages

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Instagram lifestyle story about your brand

Mashka Wolfe

I’ll do a fun, genuine series of 4-6 Instagram stories about your product.


17.1K reach

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Nerd Girl Fashion

Kira Masquerade

Unboxing and modeling pop culture product on my Instagram


1.2K reach

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Cosplay Girl

Kira Masquerade

Bringing video game, anime, and pop culture characters to life.

$500 $250 deposit

1.2K reach

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Custom visual storytelling with heckin' handsome dog


Informative, detailed & funny product review or brand lift via post & stories


27.6K reach

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Instagram Post & Story


A post for your product, also a story to promo it.


25K reach

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Product photoshoot


Photoshoot with me modeling and highlighting sponsor and/or product


4K reach

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Personal endorsement and photo


I will tweet out an endorsement and related photo to your product/service


20K reach

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Comedy sketches, aesthetic pictues


I have different options where I can make a comedy sketch with your product

$3K $1.5K deposit

592.3K reach

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X-Change's Twitter Promo Package


Create a custom tweet to promote to my over 12,000 twitter followers.


12.3K reach

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Fun, Engaging, Funny, and Professional posts.


I will make high engagement professional posts for your brand.


256.4K reach