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Cinematic Extreme Fitness Video Promo

Tony Surphman

A cinematic extreme fitness video with your brand, filmed, edited, and posted!

$1K $500 deposit

128.4K reach

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Dedicated Swimwear Feature

Joia John

Package includes 1 dedicated Instagram post and 2 dedicated Instagram stories

$400 $100 deposit

66.2K reach

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Product Integrated Into My Music Video


Showcasing your product in a clever way plus an in-video shoutout!

$8.9K $4.5K deposit

1.1M reach

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"Songs Explained" Single Episode Title Sponsorship


Be an opening title sponsor of our "Songs Explained" series episode!


4.3K reach

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Custom Video Creations

Christopher Stone

Will create a Tik Tok video incorporating your company


500K reach

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A tik tok post showcasing your brand, music, or other

Anthony Trucco

I will be creating and posting a tik tok displaying/advertising your brand!


600K reach

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A Comedic TikTok Video


I will create a comedic video on TikTok using your product or service.


100K reach

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Tiktok Tech Product Comedy Skit

Eli Dvoskin

I will create a comedy skit revealing your product / service.


248K reach

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$715 $357 deposit

143K reach

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Short comedy sketches


I reach a moderate audience with a few viral videos, and get great engagement.


5K reach

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Video games


We will be reviewing the game, the aspects, the features and we will play a clip


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Ready...Set... LAUNCH!

Allie Allison

Instagram story, instagram post, snapchat, tik tok, twitter, podcast


100K reach

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Fortnite Analysis and Predictions

FN Clips Central

I will promote any gaming products, accessories, and clothing


23.5K reach

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Creating funny, entertaining, and energetic content

Jillian Lemieux

Create posts advertising products through my tiktoks in unique and engaging ways


39.1K reach

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Satisfying and creative trickshots

Quinn Rollman

I will incorporate your product into my videos and promote your company


68.2K reach